Axis Dual Stepper Driver for F46


AD2 Breakout Module for running 2 motors from one axis control.

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This is the AD2 breakout module for one stepper control Axis from the F46 controller. This module allows connecting two stepper motor drivers to the same control signal. This is used for the case of a double motor gantry or similar application where driving two motors is necessary from one stepper control signal. This module will accept two Pololu style stepper drivers.


  1. RJ45 to F46’s AXIS port (XYZABC)
  2. Screw terminals for P and N Limit switches, with 5V power for active switches.
  3. Screw terminals for Home switch, with 5V power for active switches.
  4. Screw terminals for Stepper Driver Power
  5. Pololu style driver connectors (2X)
  6. For each driver: 3 micro-step selection jumpers .
  7. For each driver: screw terminals for stepper motor (2A 2B 1A 1B) and GROUND. Note: the GROUND pin here is typically used for a braid/shield of the motor wiring
  8. Jumper for connecting the RJ45 Shield to Ground.
Axis Dual Stepper Driver for F46
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