Breakout Basic for F46


Basic RJ-45 Breakout Module: 8 pins + shield.

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This is the BB1 generic basic breakout module for the F46. Each of the standard 8 pins on the RJ45 connector is connected to a screw terminal (3.5mm pitch). The 9th pin is the shield connection.

When used with the DIG.AUX output of the the F46, a shielded Ethernet cable (CAT7) is required as the shield is the GROUND pin. Other uses which do not require a shielded Ethernet cable include: SPINDLE, CONTROL, ALT.COMM.

Pinout is a simple straight through labeling. The RJ45 pins 1-8 and shield are broken out to 9 screw terminals: 1~8, and S.

Breakout Basic for F46
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