Miniature Optical Limit Switch 3.3V 5V


PI1 Optical Limit Switch

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The PI1 optical limit switch features an infrared photointerrupter to detect position when a blade crossed the gap. The datasheet for the Rohm Semiconductor RPI-441C1E is available here.

The RPI-441C1E is small but features a large 4mm gap. The circuit is built to provide a logic HIGH at detection, with visual LED feedback. The 3-pin connector (Signal, Power, Ground) is mounted outside the travel path of the blade. For maximum mounting flexibility, the PI1 is available with various connector mount configurations:

  • No connector. For DIY applications. The user will supply the connector or solder the wires directly to the connector holes.
  • Right angle pins on Top (same side as the sensor)
  • Right angle pins at Bottom
  • JST connector on Top. This option includes a keyed female JST with 20cm pigtail.
  • JST connector at Bottom. This option includes a keyed female JST with 20cm pigtail.

Note: Multiple PI1 cannot connect to a single limit input since the inactive sensor will prevent the active signal from going HIGH. The PI1 requires a dedicated input, such as the F46.

Miniature Optical Limit Switch 3.3V 5V


0.65 x 0.40in. (16.5 x 10.2mm)
0.09 in (2.3mm) diameter mounting hole, with 0.185 in (4.7mm) mounting pad.


Normally LOW. Logic HIGH when interrupt. LED is turned ON when interrupt.

Operating Voltage

3.3V to 5V


Rohm Semiconductor RPI-441C1

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