Raspberry Pi Zero W WiFi


Raspberry Pi Zero W (WiFi). CNC Ready.

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The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a full-fledged PC running Linux. The F16 and F46 Controllers have dedicated header, mounting holes, and power-regulator to accept the ZeroW. Only the first 10 pins on the GPIO header are needed. Once connected, the ZeroW can run any popular G-Code sender.

The ZeroW turns the F16 and F46 into standalone CNC systems without the need of an external PC. With built-in WiFi, the system can be accessed remotely as well as accessing shared files on other computers in the network.

The ZeroW comes complete with the 10-pin male header installed and a 16GB microSD with a Linux distribution configured for running the F16 or F46 out of the box.

Raspberry Pi Zero W WiFi
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