RC Servos 4 PWM Output for F46


PW4 Breakout Module for RC Servos

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This is the PW4 breakout module for the F46 to run 4 RC Servos. Each of the four outputs feature the standard center pin power supporting all modern standard¬† servos (Futaba, Hitec, etc…). The right angle connector allows easier cable flow management.

Any standard Ethernet cable can be used (CAT5 and later). A shielded Ethernet cable (CAT7) is recommended for cable runs longer than 6′ (2m). The F46 will provide up to 1A of 5V to power (total) which is enough only to run the smaller mini and micro RC servos. It is recommended to use external power to run standard size and high torque RC servos. The onboard jumper allows power selection from external or F46 supplied 5V.

Control of the RC Servos is via the synchronized analog control M code command: M67. This means M67 will execute when any prior G code motions are completed. Note: this is an enhancement over the base GRBL. Our implementation of the M67 command is similar to the LinuxCNC implementation. See here. Typically a Q value of 1000 to 2000 is used to specify the PPM pulse-width (1.0ms to 2.0ms).


  1. RJ45 to G32F46’s PWM-AUX.A or PWM-AUX.B ports.
  2. Screw terminals for external power.
  3. Four (4) standard 3 pin RC Servos (center power).
  4. Jumper selection for external power or supplied 5V.
  5. Jumper for connecting the RJ45 Shield to Ground.
RC Servos 4 PWM Output for F46
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